A Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) bill that funnels local taxpayer money to unaccountable, unregulated charter schools. All at the expense of neighborhood schools.


Voted down 9-4 by the House Education Committee on May 9th

why resist?

Charter schools do not play by the same rules as those required of traditional public schools. And until this changes, neither should their respective share of public funding. It does not promote the opportunity, transparency, or accountability we expect.

Greater transparency in the operations of charter schools is necessary. Charters have unelected school boards and are not held to the same standards. Additionally, unlike traditional public schools that rely on public funds, charters can raise outside money that is not required to be reported to the state. Sometimes, this money ends up in the pockets of for-profit companies like those supported by Betsy DeVos, instead of in the classroom.

Accountability for teacher capabilities, performance, and working conditions must be strengthened in charter schools. Charter teachers and principals are not required to have Colorado licenses, and teachers are not held accountable for their performance in the classroom.

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